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Single Glass: We supply in 4mm cut size.

Laminate: We can offer cut size in 6.4mm. The laminate is made up of two panes of glass with resin put between the glass to make it a safety product.

Sandblast: This product is blasted with sand to give it an obscure finish.

Processed: Shelfs, ballustrades, shower screens. All edges are polished and we can also supply with drilled holes.

Toughened: Can be supplied in 4mm - 20mm.

Soft Coat: We only supply Planitherm Total Plus.

Hard Coat: We supply Pilkington K and Planibel G glass.

IGU: We supply double and triple glazed sealed units.

Stained/Bevelled: We offer all types of decorative options for doors, fanlights and kitchens.

Integrated Blinds: Blind within a double glazed sealed unit.

Mirrors: We can supply 4mm and 6mm with polished or bevelled edges.

For all your glazing needs contact Diamond Cut Glass for a fantastic service!